Game Tester Jobs Are Plentiful – Here’s How to Get One

Game Tester Jobs Are Plentiful – Here’s How to Get One

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Getting involved in industry happenings is not only helpful in finding a game tester job, it’s also a whole lot of fun. Do a simple Google search for game industry or game developer magazines and you’ll see lots of information from organizations like Gamasutra and Kotaku. Reading these journals and participating in this field will get you on the right track towards becoming a game tester.

Put Yourself Out There

You want to be invited to the party? You’ve got to be known. What’s so great about you? Why would I want to hire you for my available jobs? Well, if you’re involved in gaming conventions and even launch parties, you’re already in the “in” crowd. This is an important สล็อต step towards connecting with the the decision makers of the video gaming industry and will put your name and resume first in line for a game tester job.

Enroll in a game design school

Who better to test games than someone who knows at least a little something about game design and/or development? It’s more than worth it to enroll in a gaming course at your local school. Don’t have a school close to you with a gaming program? You’re not out of luck. In fact, many schools have put their programs online, especially the technical programs. This is your best shot at learning the basics of game design, programming, artificial intelligence, 3d programming and all the other aspects game development has to offer. Putting this on your resume will really make it shine.

This is the best time to be a game tester. The jobs are everywhere if you know where to look. This useful game tester